What your cleaning supplies are telling you about the state of your gym

The state of your gym is an expression of how much you care about your health

If you’ve ever felt grossed out by the sweat that coats your equipment, or if you’ve watched helplessly as someone else leaves their sweat behind for others to clean up, then it may be time to take a closer look at what life in the gym says about who you are.

In this article, I will look at the links between gym cleanliness and health and provide practical steps that can be taken to keep your gym clean and hygienic.

The links between cleanliness and fitness

It turns out that there’s a common-sense connection between cleanliness and fitness. The more often people wash the equipment in their gyms, for instance, the healthier they are likely to be. And when machines get left dirty for weeks on end-covered with bacteria and soaked through with germs-they can create an environment that’s not only physically hazardous but mentally unpleasant

A recent study found that people who don’t clean their equipment frequently are more likely to suffer from skin rashes, colds and other respiratory problems than people who keep their machines sanitized Do your part for cleanliness

While you can’t control what other people do, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose sleep over the dirty gym equipment. There are many ways to keep yourself and your machines clean.

How to keep your gym clean and hygienic

There are many ways to keep your gym clean and sanitized. One of the simplest is by using bleach spray which can be used on any surface in your gym including mats, machines, weights, benches and more!

If you’re serious about keeping your equipment germ-free then invest in a bottle of disinfectant for use after cleaning. While dish soap and rubbing alcohol will do in a pinch, professional disinfectant is specifically designed to kill germs

Another way that you can keep your equipment clean is by placing sweatbands around the neck of weightlifting machines. This will prevent someone’s sweat from getting onto other people’s or onto your own clothing.

Finally, for a truly hygienic workout, try to avoid sharing equipment whenever possible. This means that if you’re about to bench press 200 pounds then don’t let someone else do it first just because they say that they “always use the machine first.”

If two people are using a single machine at once, both should be using towels. The person who is not using the equipment can put their towel on top to prevent sweat from dripping onto the machine and onto the person who is using it

Take exercise seriously! Regular cleanliness of gym equipment has a direct correlation with people’s health. You will feel better when you work out if you take the time to make sure your equipment is clean.

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