SE Ranking Review by Arunkumar Deshmukh

SE Ranking is an SEO software that is designed for marketers who are just getting started with internet marketing.

It provides tools including a keyword research tool, backlink checker, rank tracker, competitor research tool and website audit tool.

The SE Ranking keyword research tool allows you to see the top 5 phrases for any given keyword which are also highlighted in red.

The backlink checker shows the site’s link authority score, domain age/page rank, external links, social media stats and Google+ indexing status.

The rank tracker will allow you to see how your site’s ranking has changed over time.

The competitor research tool will show your competing sites’ links, social stats and page rank of the competing site.

Lastly, the website audit tool will give you an overview of your site and its content and tell you which pages to work on.

SE Ranking seems like a good tool. However, it is important to note that the data provided by this software may not be 100% accurate. It also cannot show if a website’s ranking is a result of Penguin or Panda updates. The data on the other hand is quite accurate regarding how well your website is doing in organic search results.

The SE Ranking software does not provide any video tutorials which would be beneficial to users who are new to internet marketing and SEO tools. However, it does include step by step instructions for each tool.

SE Ranking is a good SEO software for beginners who are just getting started with internet marketing. It comes at a very affordable price and provides an easy to use interface which makes using the software quite enjoyable. It has some great features such as its keyword research tool, backlink checker, competitor research tool and rank tracker.

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