Cube Mountain Bikes

Cube mountain bikes are becoming more popular because of their performance, quality, and affordability. Cube has both road and mountain bikes in its lineup, including fat bikes. Cube mountain bike prices can cost upwards of $8k but you can find used Cube mountain bikes on the internet for less than $2k pretty easily.

Cube Mountain Bikes 2020

The 2020 Cube mtb lineup includes five new models. The first is the Attain GTC Pro Carbon 29 with a carbon frame and RockShox front suspension fork for under $3k. A new addition to the Attain family is the C:68 SL Pro model which features an all-new Shimano XTR groupset at about $5k MSRP. Another bike that’s to 2020 is the Attain GTC Pro 27.5 which gets a new Shimano XT groupset and costs just over $3k.

Cube Mountain Bike For Sale

Cube Pp Mtb Among the other 2020 Cube mountain bikes mentioned, there’s also a 29er high-end model called the X:27 SLX Team 29 with Syncros components and DT Swiss wheels; it runs about $4k retail. Another one is the C:68 TIAGRA 8.0 LTD featuring an all-new Shimano TIAGRA group and a carbon fork for under $2k in 2020. There’s also a fat bike cube named after their famous “cube” logo–the Fat 7; this fat bike features Maxxis tires for under $1k.

Cube Mountain Bike 2020

The Cube mtb lineup also includes the Stereo 150 SL 27.5 Carbon Team edition which comes with Fox Factory suspension, DT Swiss wheels, and Shimano XT for just over $7k. The Fat AL 7 Pro 27+ is another fat bike that starts around $2k-$3k retail.

Cube Mtb Frame

More of the 2020 Cube mountain bikes prices can be found on their website. There’s also an option to configure your own cube mountain bike online before you purchase it using their configurator tool! You can pick everything from the drivetrain to the wheel size and colour of your cube mountain bike so there are literally endless possibilities. Just like with many other brands, you can also find used Cube mountain bikes online for a lot less than buying new ones.

Cube Mountain Bike Uk

There are several things that make the Cube mtb lineup unique; first off, they’re designed and assembled in Germany (in their main factory) as opposed to many other bike brands that complete this process in Asia. Also, all of the transmissions on their bikes feature Double Tap shifting which means switches between gears happen with one push of a button–no longer do you need to worry about breaking a shifter or worrying about your chain falling off and ruining your ride! For carbon frames like those on the upcoming 2020 models, Cube’s engineers use something called Advanced Mechanical forming which is fancy wording for using heat and pressure to form a pre-carbonized metal into an aerodynamic and lightweight Cube mountain bike frame. Some of the other technologies used include Off Center DT Inboard Disc Mount, Speed Lock seat post-integration, and their patented C:68 head tube design which is the best in the business according to many industry experts.

Cube Fat Bike Uk Cube mountain bikes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for something different from your run of the mill mass-produced bikes with similar geometries and specs–after all, that’s what makes these bikes so unique! To check out some of our favourite cube mountain bikes and read some reviews on them, simply click here.

Have fun cruising on your new Cube mtb!

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