What is a Safe Paint for Baby Cribs?

What is a safe paint for baby cribs and other nursery furniture?

When I was pregnant, I found the most gorgeous crib for our baby…except it was the wrong color. It was a lime green and didn’t go with the soft blue pastel colours of the other furniture in the nursery. So I decided to give it a paint job, however I wanted to ensure that the … Read more

Swifty Electric Mountain Bike Review

Swifty electric mountain bike review

SWIFTY is an electric mountain bike. Electric bikes allow you to accelerate away without breaking a sweat. For experienced cyclists who are starting to lose their zip, a good electric bike might be the best bike, full stop. What is not to love about an easy-to-use, low-maintenance and powerful electric bike? For commuters on electric … Read more

How To Get A Walrus On A Moped

A GAELIC SAYING There’s an old Gaelic saying that goes “if you know how to do that, you’ll know how to get a walrus on a moped” – of course, that is the English translation, the original is in Gaelic! My grand-dad was very fond of using it, as was his father before him and … Read more